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Be an Affiliate for our Downloadable Products Sold Through Template Artistry

For our presentation Design Templates and other products we sell by download, we use Payloadz to deliver the download and collect the money. Now you can get our PowerPoint Template Design Sets, Lesson Presentations, Word and Access templates and other original material by secure download quickly. The Payloadz shopping cart is integrated with PayPal to give you a fast and secure shopping experience

Payloadz also provides and manages our Template Artistry affiliate program. Now you can sell our products through your blog or website. Just sign up through Payloadz, join Template Artistry as an affiliate there, get the affiliate creatives, and start selling.

If you wish to make your own links, use these instructions. Affiliates, once you have registered, please email me for links to a set of product pages just for you.

The information above applies only to certain products developed by VCCTI/Coskrey Biz. Products sold in our stores by our sponsors are still sold through the sponsor sites as described in our privacy notice. Additionally, some products of VCCTI/Coskrey Biz will be sold through other channels.