Template Artistry Affiliate Page

A Note to Affiliates:

Welcome to our affiliate program!

This program is run through PayLoadz. Please join Template Artistry as an affiliate there, and then use your affiliate id code to modify the shopping cart buttons and links that you use to sell our products on your site.

Read moreabout us in our disclosure and privacy policy. Notice that we are not located in New York.

There are links to products and product information that are available to affiliates. Once ou have registered, please email me so I can send you the links to these pages.

This page is for PayLoadz affiliates to view products and get link information. The primary template estore begins on this page: Template Artistry. On PayLoadz, the products are sold under the merchant name Template Artistry. The easiest way to find our products there is to search for this name.

Below is information for making links.

Happy Selling!
--Valerie, 11/19/09

Locate Products to Sell and Use the Advertising Links

Use the Master Listto find a product by its name. Use the Artist List to locate products by the name of the artist. Use the Master List to locate files by the id number. The Master List is designed to be useful for affiliates as it lists id, name, artist and image of the screenshot of all slides in the .ppt file for Template Design Sets (TDS) and provides other descriptive information or images for other products.

Products of the PayLoadz shopping cart (the ones that you may sell as an affiliate) are sold on this site on the main Template Artistry estore pages and the different artist pages. Lessons, databases, and freelance custom orders are mostly produced by myself, Valerie, and are discussed throughout the site. Information on these products as sold through PayLoadz is discussed on Valerie's artist page. If you explore the main sites, you will find several pages on which the same item might be sold on a BuyNow button. (Any old PayPal buttons no longer function since PayLoadz is now the intermediary for the shopping cart, although my downloadable items are purchased through PayPal. These buttons are being phased out, as are some of the old store pages.)

The Artist List

The home page for Template Artistry series of pages is actually Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas, which I also call VCCTI. Since my webhost is 1and1.com, growing a web presence is easy. Our company in our new residence of Texas is Coskrey Biz, through which we will be selling other products.

Most other items sold on this siteare purchased from merchants for whom I am an affiliate. There are many estores on this and my other sites, which are listed at in the privacy statement. In each, a distinction is made as to whether the product is sold through my shopping cart or through the merchant's.

ad for Template ArtistryVisit Template Artistry for an overview of all TA store pages and for the kinds of items that are available for your affiliate links to sell in your own shopping cart/webpage through PayLoadz. (TA store pages have names like temp_art_xxx.htm and tds_whoever.htm as files in the vforteachers.com domain. If you get lost in the site, just look for the Template Artistry banners to link back to this estore.)

How to Modify a Payloadz Link

There are 3 product links for affiliates.To be sure that the links works correctly with your id, test a link type occasionally to be sure that the code has not changed. My research of the site found that the same link is currently listed in at least 2 different code forms. The following instructions are the product of making my own affiliate account for my own products.

For a buy-now button link: obtain a product link from Payloadz that is called a JumpPage Link to take customer to the PayLoadz product information. In the marked sections substitute the product id and the merchant id. Be sure that the link ends with your affiliate id.

Here is a sample PayLoadz code:

non-working sample only:

Notice in the examples that the PPPPPP should be replaced with the product id and is a 6-digit number. Likewise, AAAAAA is a 6-digit number that is YOUR affiliate id, which gets you paid. MY merchant id is 67413. You must include the merchant id so that I will pay you.

Note that the link ends in a string of id's: product & merchant & affilliate. Each of the links will end with this information. At each of the products listed on the template_artistry pages will be an id (example id=355679) number that you can use to locate the product on the PayLoadz site and to code your links. Also, the Master List gives this id number for all my PayLoadz products.

Please copy the merchant id given in the above example link (&merch_id=67413) into your notes to include in the links you make yourself.

If you are new to coding, take a look at the page code (View>>Page Source) of a div class="item" which will be near the bottom of the template_artistry.htm page. Notice the <img src="xxxxxx"> code that is the link to the image. You will want to copy the image and store it on your own website if you are selling the product on your website. Be sure to change the img code to reflect how you stored the image on your site, which changes the img code from the example on this page. However notice that the image can be paired with a link code. You can use the Jump Page code below with the image code to link the image to the PayLoadz product page. Or you can place the image next to a BuyNow button and/or an Add to Cart button, as I have done in the examples on template_artistry.htm. Feel free to rename the photo, or to use my name for it. The product name on the tds_xxx.htm pages and on the master list and on this page will be the product name that is listed with PayLoadz. You may look up a product at PayLoadz using either the product name or the product id number (id).

If you are really new to coding, you may not realize that my pages are coded in transitional HTML5 with CSS for formating. If you are using the older HTML code, the tags will be different, i.e., img will be IMG, and the end of the image code that I coded as xxx"> will be xxx"/> without the blank between the end quote and the slash. If you are coding in XHTML, the codes will be xxx" />, with a space between the slash. There will be other differences, too. If your page is written in transitional XHTML, the old and new tags will work equally well for different links. Old tags are capitalized. However, if you are using the old code on your pages, changing your dtd code to read the transitional dtd might be best so you can then use the newer, uncapitalized tags in the affiliate links to ensure that PayLoadz reads the code. Confused? Look at the source code (View: Source Code) of this page and read the first two lines, which are above the <head> tag.

This example Jump Page code takes customer to PayLoadz product page. Try attaching this link to a copy of an image of the product. Just locate, copy and paste the thumbnail or screenshot, like I did below. This code is the same as the example above.

non-working sample only

Example GoLink for BuyNow, a PayLoadz BuyNow button, for a product to use alongside the image, like I did on the template_artistry.htm page.

non-working sample only

Example GoLink Add to Cart, a PayLoadz AddtoCart Button, for a product to use alongside the image, like I did on the template_artistry.htm page.

non-working sample only

You will need to combine these links with your own PayLoadz View Cart button to complete your PayLoadz Shopping Cart.

If you are new to coding, be sure to use the link tags. Below is an example of an image linked to the PayLoadz page. Anyone purchasing the product with the link will be profiting affililate #3346944. BE SURE TO USE YOUR &aff_id= !

non-working sample only
<a href="http://payloadz.com/go/jump?id=539562&merch_id=67413&aff_id=3346944"><img src="images/screen_400wide/scr400_bobcat_in_tree.jpg" border="0"></a>

The basic banner links for advertising PayLoadz products are available at PayLoadz.com for both resellers and affiliates.

I can assist you in coding a basic webpage in CSS and XHTML transitional or HTML5. The value of the network and a forum is that we can help each other! I am currently learning to code forms and to use PHP with a MySQL database.

Oh, yes, I plan to raise the affiliate fee once the program gets up and running and I have made a bit of money. Sign on now and sell so I can realize the initial profit required to raise the fees!!

Happy Selling! May we both make profit. Contact me if you have questions or comments.